hello!! thank you for opening this up! o:
  • i go by lynne or aku! either's fine!
  • i'm a minor & okay with adults following!
  • they/them (agender, afab)
  • biromantic ace (attracted to nonbinary people/girls)
  • aries, enfx, melancholic, chaotic good

  • haikyuu!!
  • disgaea series
  • yakusoku no neverland
  • don't starve
  • hxh, love live!, kagepro, the music machine (game), noragami
  • dirk gently's holistic detective agency, dragon age series, stardew valley, mother 3, persona 4, ygo
non-fandom interests:
  • languages, writing & literary analysis, emily dickinson's poetry, nature
haikyuu is really important to me coping-wise and i love it a lot, so it's definitely my primary interest--i'm sorry if that is/becomes at all annoying! ;o;

dnf if:
  • you fall under usual dnf stuff (including being a terf)
  • you think trump is comparable to hitler
  • you objectify the haikyuu chars*
if i followed you and you apply to any of this, please (s)b me

* talking a lot about their thighs/abs/privates, "akaashi could crush me with his thighs and i would be thankful," etc. -- things like that

byf (it's okay if you can't do these!):
  • please softblock when unfollowing! (don't feel like you have to keep following out of obligation; if you wanna unfollow me, you can!)
  • if you could let me know if/when i've done something wrong or upset you so i can fix my behavior, i would really appreciate it! (your comfort is above anything else, so if something bothers you, please don't hesitate to tell me)

  • if we're mutuals, i'll fave every post i read unless i'm really nervous about annoying you! if you'd like me to stop, let me know!
  • dms, replies, etc. are welcome!! talking to people makes me really happy, so you don't have to worry about annoying me--you never will! ;v;
  • if you want to add/contact me on other sites & we're mutuals, please feel free to ask! i mostly use line for talking outside of twitter!
  • i really love writing and have some kghn fics up on my ao3! my misc ao3 for non-haikyuu fics is here!
/ * \
comfort chars:
  • hinata shouyou (hq!!)
  • kageyama tobio (hq!!)
  • yachi hitoka (hq!!)
  • the rest of karasuno, but esp those chars! (hq!!)
  • kanan matsuura (llss)
  • ayano tateyama (kagepro)
  • emma (ynn)